How to Compare Various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019?

Presently, you can find as many as 7 Medicare Supplement plans that you can pick from – and these range from F to N, other than plans A to D. The advantages of each plan vary from another with little exception. In 1990, following the standardization of plans by Medicare, customers are able to compare the various advantages and costs of different plans in a better way. There are various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 to pick from. It is essential that you conduct enough research in order to get one that matches your own situation and needs.

Check the legitimacy

You have to check whether the company that you are buying the supplemental plan from is a legitimate one. A number of agencies are only interested in collecting your personal details and selling them to many insurance agents. There are two methods to determine whether you are dealing with a legitimate Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 provider. You can find a toll-free number where you can call up customer support staffs. Also, you will find a statement in the company’s website that the agency will never sell or disclose your personal details to a third party.

Talk to an expert

In many cases, it would also be wise to get in touch with an expert specializing in Medicare supplement plans. This can reduce a lot of stress for you, and sort out many complicated issues for you. With his or her experience and training, the specialist can assist you with all your requirements.

Compare the costs

Compare the prices of various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that are available, while searching for various companies offering them. Better insurance agencies and brokers can offer you comparisons of plans from various insurance providers working in your region. The costs, in most cases, will vary even when the plans being offered are similar in form. Keep in mind that it is wise to invest some time into the research to arrive at a proper decision while buying the best plan for your needs and pocket.

Compare the coverage

You will also need to compare the amount of coverage being extended by each plan, and consider which type of coverage you require. If you only visit a doctor infrequently and happen to be in generally good health, you can go for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that offer basic coverage for medical expenses. On the other hand, if you are in poor health or progressing towards ‘senior citizen’ age, it is wise to opt for a plan offering extensive coverage.

Know the different Network types of Medicare Advantage Plans

‘Networks’ in Medicare Advantage Plans can be found to be of three different types. They are:

  • HMO Plans (Health Maintenance Organization)
  • PPO Plans (Preferred Provider Organization)
  • PFFS Plans (Private Fee for Services)

The smallest provider network is HMO Advantage, since they have limited number of facilities, hospitals and doctors. PPO network has wide range of facilities, hospitals and physicians, thus allowing individuals requiring care with plenty of options to choose from, something not offered with small HMO network. PFFS represents the biggest group of facilities, hospitals and physicians.

Classification in details

  • HMO:
    • There will be coinsurance and copayments
    • Care will be received from HMO network doctors
    • Hospitalization received within HMO network
    • Facilities within HMO network to be used
    • Prior authorization must for visiting specialist
    • Specialist is to be seen
    • If out of HMO network services are availed, then full out of network fees are to be paid.
    • Few HMO networks have own prescription drug program like Medicare Part D.

This network although restrictive is found to be quite effective if facilities, hospitals and doctors can be switched.

  • PPO: In this form of Medicare Advantage Plans,
    • There is involved coinsurance and co-payments
    • Any doctor participating within the network can be visited
    • In network hospitals to be availed for hospitalization. Facilities that accept Medicare are to be used.
    • Prior authorization a must for visiting the specialist
    • Subjected to some out of network fees percentage around 30%, if out of network services are sought.
    • Few PPO networks come with own prescription drug program like Part D Medicare

Selecting PPO network involves less hassle since services can be availed across the State, however from a single hospital provide network.

  • PFFS:
    • Coinsurance and Copayments apply
    • Visit any doctor who is Medicare approved
    • Visit any hospital, Medicare approved
    • Visit any facility, Medicare approved
    • Seek out of network services
    • Prior authorization or referrals not required to visit specialist
    • Individual Prescription Drug plan is present. However, some plans do include Prescription Drugs.

Being among the top Medicare Advantage Plans, it does offer the person with great amount freedom. No network restrictions exist for doctors, hospitals and other facilities.

 By understanding the different plans found under, it becomes easier for the individual to select a plan that will be deemed to be just appropriate to meet the specific needs and requirements.