Benefits Of Enrolling Into Medicare Supplement Plans

When you reach 65 years and you have qualified disability you are qualified to enroll into Medicare part A and part B. Part A will take care of hospital costs and part B will take care of your doctor visits. But part A has some annual copayments and deductibles, part B also has monthly premiums and copayments and yearly deductibles. The main benefit of Medicare supplement plans is to cover such burden that cannot be covered with original Medicare.


Here are some of the benefits of Medicare supplement plans.


* Supplement Plans Protect Your Bills To A Large Extent.

If you’re enrolling in Medicare part B, supplement plans can cover 80% of your costs. The remaining twenty percent is still out of your pocket. You still have to reach your yearly quota for Medicare part B before Medicare provides its own coverage. Some part of the remaining twenty percent can be covered by some Medicare supplement plans.


* It Offers Foreign Coverage.


If you have an accident or any health problem outside the country some supplement plans take care of the costs even while you’re abroad.


* There Is No Delay Of Acceptance.


When you apply during the open enrollment period your acceptance is almost guaranteed even if you have health problem and you won’t be charged high rates. You can still enroll any time you want but charges might be higher than when you apply in the open enrollment period and there is no guarantee you’ll be approved.


* Can Be Renewed


Medicare supplement plans are renewable no matter what your health status is. No provider will refuse your renewal as long as you pay bills on time. In short supplement plans have auto renewal every year.


* Any doctor can accept you


Any doctor that accepts Medicare will also accept you. Almost all Medicare supplement policies cover hospital and doctor visits.


* You Can Choose From Many Plans.


There are 10 standard Medicare supplement plans available offering different types of coverage that original Medicare can’t cover. Plans with the most benefits have expensive monthly premiums.



* All Plans Are Regulated With The Same Legalities.


The same plan is the same across all states, the benefits you get from one company is the same for another company offering the same plan. The only states that are not regulated are Minnesota, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.


* You Can Choose Any Plan That Suit Your Healthcare Needs.


Aetna medicare supplement plans allow you to add a separate drug prescription. Medicare part be is independent, meaning you can enroll together with your original Medicare and it isn’t part of the supplement plan.